The Ethical Nurses: The History Of Nursing

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The history of nursing is one that draws both inspiration and wonderment as nurses not only sought to define themselves as a unique discipline in the healthcare field but worked diligently to promote the highest standards in patient care and safety. To understand the discrepancies in nursing standards and preparedness today, we must first reflect on a history rife with hardship. This push to promote higher standards can be seen through early organizations such as The Nurses’ Associate Alumnae, established in 1896, which lobbied for state registration laws (Friberg & Creasia, 2016). This political and professional movement was essential in strengthening nursing by setting a standard to promote the profession in a manner that established ethical…show more content…
This exam seeks to test and pass nurses that meet minimal competency criteria and ensures licensing is provided to those that are able to practice safe, basic care (Haverkamp & Ball, 2013). It is imperative to note that this testing process does not promise nurses of equal caliber and skill across state but merely guarantees that the minimal technical competency has been met (Rosseter, 2015). The extensive research, skills, and theory vital to baccalaureate programs that are not measured by the NCLEX-RN can be further substantiated by research done in Magnet hospitals concerning a decline in patient mortality…show more content…
However, the differences become apparent when we consider nursing beyond the fundamental level. Baccalaureate programs provide students with a greater understanding through theories that provide both a psychosocial and physiological outlook, and an ability to provide care beyond the patient to include a broader scope of family, the community, and diverse populations (Hooper, 2012). Baccalaureate programs are tailored to stress and employ evidence-based practice, humanities, advocacy, communication, statistics, research, leadership and management (Haverkamp & Ball, 2013). The ideology behind baccalaureate nursing programs is not to simply care for the patient but to provide advanced and scientifically grounded practices to improve

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