The Ethical Issues Of Mental Illness

“About one in four fatal police encounters involve someone with mental illness” (Simpson). Not too long ago, mental illness was a taboo subject to speak about. Thankfully today society is more open about it. Although mental illness is getting more attention, there are still some issues. The fact that mentally ill people are at a high risk of being killed by the police shows that they are not being helped. Society either views them as a danger or as a burden. Unfortunately, many of them are not receiving the attention they need to become proper members of society. Mentally ill people should be treated and given the same respect as any other human being.
To begin, there are over one hundred mental disorders. Some that are heard of often are
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“In spite of advances in the understanding of its causes, course treatment, schizophrenia continues to confound both health professionals and the public” (Grohol). Hence why this is a bio ethical issue, health professionals themselves are still trying to figure out treatments for severe mental illnesses. Mental illness is a health issue, doctors such as psychiatrists are in need to treat patients and inform the public of the dangers. The article goes on to say “It is easier for the average person to cope with the idea of cancer than it is to understand the odd behavior, hallucinations or strange ideas of the person with schizophrenia” (Grohol). This is one of the main reasons why mentally ill people aren’t being treated as human beings, the public doesn’t really know what to make of them. Its up to health professionals to clear up all the myth and facts related to mental…show more content…
How are they treated both by the public and health professionals. Are the mentally ill receiving the necessary attention by health professional? Are they working hard to open facilities and research to come up with new treatments? Are they doing all they can to portray the mentally ill in a positive light and dismiss all the myths? Truth is a lot of time the issue of how the mentally ill are being treated takes a back seat to all the other bioethics issues going on. It is important, because mentally ill people are just like any other person. There have been many cases of people with sever mental illnesses that have lived a complete normal life; they are simply human with a few

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