The Ethical Effects Of Cigarettes

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Final Paper Have you ever wondered why cigarettes are harmful but are still legally sold in stores? They even show TV commercials about the damage it does to people. As we all know cigarettes are harmful to not only the smokers but to the people who are around the smoke. I learned that smoking cigarettes can damage your lungs and cause cancer. Also, I learned that secondhand smoke is just as harmful. It makes me wonder why cigarettes have so many negative outcomes but are still legally sold in stores. The process of making cigarettes become illegal in the united states start with a group that has a he following on people’s health like the NRA does with guns. The first thing that I can do to draw attention to making cigarettes illegal is create a bill. My bill will address the reasons why…show more content…
Cigarettes not only affect those who smoke but people who are around and inhaling the smoke. Cigarettes are the one of the deadliest things in the world, about 6 million people
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