The Ethical Dilemmas Of Ethical Issues In Information Technology

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Information technology is rapidly advancing, and along with it are ethical issues and challenges faced in the work environment. If remains unsolved, it can escalate and these ethical problems can have devastating effect on the company’s reputation towards its clients as well as employees. These ethical problems are diverse in nature that existing legislations and corporate rules may not specifically cover it nor provide an adequate solution. It can even occur to an individual within the company who even does not take part of the unethical practice.

This report focuses on the ethical dilemma of a contract web developer, Johnny, who is urged by WLC Ltd., his client, to share the web application project files that is still under the ownership
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Nowadays, the majority of jobs include using computer system along with computer technologies having penetrated every area of education, business as well as industry. Ethics plays a major role in resolving the ethical dilemmas and decision-making activities within the filed of information technology parencite{kuzu2009problems}. Moreover, an ethical dilemma is usually an argument between two ethical ideas where no actual solutions can be provided. Commonly, two sides disputes about what is wrong and what is right and just provide the methods what one considers…show more content…
The two-month delay is caused by the poor definition of project requirements and technical issues encountered by Tom and his team. In addition, some of the team members have full time jobs during day and only focused on the project for a limited time after work. WLC Ltd. is facing the risk of failing a major project in which they have invested a significant amount of company extquotesingle s resources. Losing this project is inconsiderable since and can badly hurt WLC Ltd. in terms of reputation and sales, forcing the company to reduce the number of employees to compensate for the

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