The Ethical And Positive Values Of Personal Ethics And Leadership

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The personal ethics positively affect leadership and when made a priority for leaders will produce ethical and effective leadership to the organization. With so many definitions of leadership, the question evolved from “what is the definition of leadership?” to “what is good leadership” (Ciulla, 2004, p. 13). The system of values one must compile a list of the most important instrumental values and terminal values. The morals and values are unique to every individual because they are determined by personal importance. Instrumental values, such as honest, helpful, ambitious, responsible, etc. should reinforce terminal values. Once a leader’s means are consistent with desired goals with the organization, their value system is unified. Although…show more content…
Morals act as simple ideals that set apart right and wrong set of values. They also act as a “rule of thumb when appraising a situation” (Cooper,1998 p. 10). This principle acquired through socialization act as references when analyzing possible decisions. Instead of people acting purely on obligations or expectations, morals ensure actions with respect to knowledge of right and wrong ethical values. However most values are acquired through socialization, this step requires one to examine his or her set of values. It is a good idea to list any “rules of thumb” you associate with daily life. Some morals possibly obtained through life experience include “always be a good team player” or “it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission” (Cooper, 1998, p. 9). Whichever values you write down should be compared and incorporated with your morals and principles. As you continue upward the stairwell, it is important to make sure all steps are unified. This will guarantee the most solid formulation of good ethical foundation. Without ideals to help a person conform to the rules of right conduct, they cannot climb past level of morals. Once morals have been analyzed and are in line with values and principles, the journey can continue to the fourth…show more content…
Ethics give people this sense of truth and positively affect people’s behavior. A basic analysis of this for an organization instills good values when personal ethics are developed and used by a leader; they will become a good leader. Understanding the importance of ethics will increase the likelihood of leaders to adopt ethical leadership. People are more likely to accept and use a concept they believe in. When the leaders understand that the ethics development process that would make them an effective leader, an increasing number of leaders would have a personal ethics system. Understanding the importance of ethics is crucial because leaders will consciously work to develop and use ethics, which makes them more effective. This acceptance will result in ethical decision making and the ability to put theory into practice as well as create ethical organizations. This will lead to good leadership are further discussed in the following sections. What seems so minor on a personal level can actually affect the entire society. The personal ethics produce good leadership, which help create better organizations and societies. Similar to other theories, good leadership is much easier to think and talk about than actually
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