The Establishement of Child and Family Agency in Ireland

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The establishment of Ireland’s first dedicated Child and Family Agency (aka Tusla) represents an essential response to recent reports on child protection failings, including inconsistency. Key to the Agency’s work plan is an emphasis on partnership and interagency working ( 2011) This essay/assignment is to: • Highlight some relevant, to development of Child and Family Agency, events, and how it is connected to interagency working. • Examine the benefits and challenges of interagency working. • Look at examples/ experiences whether the new systems worked (shared by practitioners abroad). • Discuss how ECCE practitioners can support interagency working. CDI is used as a case study to support this project. Tusla is the first dedicated Child and Family Agency in Ireland launched by Department of Family and Youth Affairs (DCYA). Tusla mainly focuses on partnership and interagency working. ‘Government says it is the most effective response to repeated and tragic failings of the past’ (five rivers fostering 2014). The agency takes over the role of three current operating bodies. Their services include a range of services, such as Child Protection and Welfare, Alternative Care, Family Support and Preschool Services. . As outlined in Tusla website the agency operates under the Child and Family Act 2013 and brought together four thousand staff and a budget of over six million from existing bodies. The agencies primarily responsibility is to promote the safety and wellbeing of children by seeking an improvement in areas such as workforce and development, and partnership working ( 2013). DCYA (2011) in partnership with The Atlantic Philanthropies established the Prevention and Early Intervention Programm... ... middle of paper ... ...aluation of the Early Years Programme. Child Care Practice • Child Centred Practice; Lecture 3 (O’Donoghue. M 2014 • (2011) Social Work Now: Working together to protect children in cases of neglect: Complexity and the four ‘Cs’ Available at: [Accessed 20/02/2014] • Social Sciences at ARROW@DIT (2008) Conference Papers; the Childhood Development Initiative: Developing Quality Services. ARROW@DIT: Dublin • Tusla (2013) [online] Tusla – towards a shared purpose. Available at: • Working together for children (2011) A review of international evidence of interagency working; to inform the development of children’s services committees in Ireland. Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

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