The Essence of Leadership: Personal Leadership Styles

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Living a life in a civilized society has always been referred to as an essential prerequisite of development of the potential of a human being to its fullest. However, it is important to keep in mind that the social environment consists of two kinds of people: leaders and followers. It is impossible to say that some of them are more important than the others, since in the lack of leaders, people do not know what to do, while it is impossible to become a leader in case one does not have any followers. This paper will examine my own approach to the essence of leadership, dwelling on specific values that are important to my style of leadership as well as presenting vision and mission statement for my leadership style. First of all, it would be particularly advisable to examine the future work environment that I will find myself in as a leader. It is my strong belief that in several years, I will be working in a company with a developed corporate culture. This means that the relationship between people will be guided by codes of conduct and will be directed at achieving the goals of the company. In this case, it would be particularly easy for me to manifest myself as a leader. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the corporate culture will provide me with the mission of the organization, and I will make it my personal goals. Secondly, it would be far easier to occupy a leading position in the environment that is structured and does not feature chaotic relations. Now, I would like to examine the values that would constitute the basis of my leadership style and shape the way I treat other people. First of all, I truly believe in the golden rule of communication which means that I will treat my followers in the manner in ... ... middle of paper ... ...ctivity is focused on benefiting all the people, regardless if they are a part of my company or not. As it is reflected in the mission and vision statement, I would like to enhance life of the employees with the help of reasonable policies and contribute to the local community by setting up a good example. Having examined the issue in great detail, it would be wise to conclude that leadership is of great importance when it comes to managing the performance of the company. However, I would to state in particular that my leadership style would also contribute to building healthy relationship between the staff of the company that belong to different levels, because it is my strong belief that this might become the basis for future success of my company. References Black, J. (2007). The communication of leadership, the design of leadership style. London: Routledge.
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