The Essay From Hell: Dante's Inferno

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In Alighieri Dante's Inferno, many different people were put in Hell for what Dante believes they did wrong. He assigns them to different sections of Hell for the severity of their sins in their previous life. If Dante were alive and making revisions to the Inferno today, he would put Superman, Brian Griffin from "Family Guy", Xerxes from "300", Scar from "The Lion King", Squidward Tentacles from "Spongebob Squarepants", for the various sins that they have committed in their past lives.
Superman should go to the eternal flames for his violence against God. Superman should go to the Seventh Circle, Third Ring of Hell, reserved specifically for those who were blasphemers in life. Although Superman did do some good, he also acted like a God. People treated him like one, and that does not mean that he is, the one, true God. In Canto XIV, Vigil explains to Dante why one person, a king, is there and it fits the idea of Superman going to Hell: he held- and still, it seems, holds- God in great disdain disprizing Him; but as I told him now, his maledictions sit well as ornaments upun his chest. (69-72)
The punishment is symbolically correct because Superman can shoot bright beams of fire out of his eyes, move at excessively high speeds, and he is impervious to pain. He will now lie, unmoving, prostrate on scalding hot sand, looking up at the never ending snowfall of fire, and burn for his sins for all eternity.
Another person, or dog rather, who should enter the eternal flame would be Brian from "Family Guy" for being an atheist, lustful, and being a seducer. Out of all three the worst sin would be the being an atheist, but there are also multiple times within the show that Brian is caught praying so he would not go to that le...

... middle of paper ... those few wrathful moments. However, while his body is submerged underwater, his nose could go and enter the eternal fight with the wrathful. His punishment would be symbolically correct because in life all he did was get gloomy or angry, and now in death he can stay gloomy underwater forever while his nose fights with the wrathful.
All of these people, fictional or not, should burn for eternity for the crimes that they have committed in this life. Superman and Xerxes should be there for acting like Gods. Brian for seducing women. Scar for his violence against his own brother. Last, but not least, is Squidward who should be doing the time for being sullen every waking moment of his life.

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