The Era of Baroque Music

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Occurring between 1600 and 1750, the era of Baroque music was an astounding, inventive and foundational period of classical music. Following the Renaissance period, the Baroque period preceded the Classical era. Originating from the Italian word “Barocco,” which means bizarre or exuberant, the title of the Baroque period was well suited to its composers and music ( Many instruments used by the Baroque composers and musicians reached their peak during this period. Using all of these instruments the famous musicians of the Baroque era were able to create the masterpieces which they are so well known for. The influences of Baroque music on the culture of the time and even up to the present time made a lasting effect upon history. To create their music, Baroque musicians utilized many common instruments of the time. Four main categories of instruments exist; the brass section, keyboards, strings and winds. Although some of these instruments may now be familiar, others are not. Belonging in the brass section is the trumpet, horn, and sackbut. Preceding the modern day trombone, the sackbut was used from the mid 15th century to the 18th century. The harpsichord and organ are the two instruments in the keyboard section. Similar to a piano, the strings of a harpsichord are plucked to produce sound with no tonal variation. The harpsichord was utilized from the beginning of the Baroque period until the 19th century. With more instruments than any other category, the string section includes the violin, viola, violoncello, viol, contrabass, harp, and lute, these are very similar to the orchestral instruments we have today, except the lute which is similar to a guitar. Finally, included in the winds were the flute, oboe, bas... ... middle of paper ... ...tricate but orderly Baroque music is. Future composers would often revisit the foundational forms of the Baroque period and modify them as they wrote their own compositions. With its many instruments and some of the most famous composers of all times, the Baroque period of music is highly regarded as one of the most influential and most famous eras of classical music. Although limited with the communication of the time, Baroque music and musicians spread new ideas all over the continent. As the Baroque era of music is examined it is seen that it was a flourishing time of music and culture. Works Cited "A style of classical music from 1600 to 1750." Baroque Music. Accessed 1/7/14 from [] Sartorius, Michael. "Welcome to the wonderful world of Baroque music." Baroque Music. Accessed 1/7/14 from []
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