The Era Of The Roman Republic

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Over time, nations change. Different leaders rise to power, politics and policies change, wealth and land is acquired and eventually, one may be left wondering how it all changed. This series of changes is seen in the ancient Roman republic in its last century. After a lot of chaos between unpopular politicians and new laws, certain individuals stepped into the government and swayed its focus to conquest and personal gain. Civil wars and class conflicts broke out in Rome due to aristocratic senators and ambitious generals, only to be met with the end of the republic. Rome desperately needed reform, but the ways that it was being brought about did not end up going well. They needed reform because, due to the conquests and expansion, the rich became overly powerful. After the Punic wars, farmers land was torn to shreds, so they left or became laborers. The rich then obtained their land, converted them into cash crop farms, and had them work in it. This destroyed the family farms that supported Rome before, and made the rich more powerful. To help the peasant farmers, Tiberius Gracchus tried to enact land reform. This was not popular with the richer Romans, so it got vetoed twice. He then got support from his followers to have an opposing tribune removed, which violated the constitution. After that he announced that he would run for a second term as tribune, which violated tradition. He and his followers ended up getting killed by a mob perpetrated by the senate. Because of Tiberius some politicians began relying on popularity by the people, since Tiberius was hugely supported by the lower classes. The next tribune that followed this way was Gaius Gracchus. He was hugely supported and got land back for veterans. However, he also p... ... middle of paper ... ...n fact, this time is regarded as Rome’s prime. He replaced the senate with loyal individuals of different origins, replacing the aristocratic senators of before. He was “intending to reduce inefficiency and corruption, eliminate the threat to peace and order by ambitious individuals, and reduce the distinction between Romans and Italians, senators and equestrians.’ (Craig, 180) He even inspired art and poetry. In this way, it seemed the Romans solved their problems by ending the republic. So, the problems of civil unrest and war, caused by ambitious generals and overly powerful aristocrats, was eventually solved by introducing a monarchy under Augustus. Although this brought about the end of the republic, Rome changed for the better. This shows that change is not always a bad thing, and can lead to progression, creating a nation that ends up better than it once was.
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