The Equestrian

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Michael was nervous beyond belief. He was about to try to ride one of the fastest animals on Earth. The noble horse. His dying mother’s last wish had been for him to be able to ride horses. His now widowed father had looked for the best riding academy in the United States of America. And here he was, in one of America’s best riding schools, renowned in all degrees, according to his dad’s iPad reviews list. His dad wasn’t very interested in Michael however. All he cared about was his work. But he was interested in his wife’s last wish. He even insisted on driving Michael to every one of his lessons in his Honda. All of this had been circulating through Michael’s head while he was sitting in the front seat of his father’s car. Then he looked in a hand mirror. What he saw, was a boy with neatly combed blonde hair. He slowly gulped Then he unsteadily got out of the car. Since he had become accustomed to .all the dark colors his father had draped everywhere around their home, he winced when he saw the bright sunny air. He quickly walked through the gravel driveway. He hastily...
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