The Epidemic of Police Brutality

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Police are abusing their power, of their badge, instead of serve and protect; their ignoring and abusing. There's been many killings (almost about 5,000 people),abusing, and people being ignored from police, Why?
For nearly 50 years, a deadly and effective attack has been orchestrated against local police departments all throughout the United States and most Americans do not even realize it is happening. News people like CNN, CBS, or Fox 4 News sometimes get a scoop of the police beating, but more has been a happening all around the USA or anywhere else in the world, and it needs to stop.
Can we even trust the police to protect us from harm anymore? “Trust makes for a sense of being safe or of being free of fear, enough so that one's focus can be on other matters.”(Frazier) If that’s what trust is then I don’t think so, not after all the abuse that been happening to all the people. There's even evidence of police abusing their power, all over the web. Now in today's economy, everyone has a cell phone that can capture a picture or even videotape an event. There also YouTube and Vine, where they post the videos they capture,videos that can capture police brutality, even if its just six seconds. The police even goes far enough as to “shoot and kill unarmed or minimally dangerous students, women, old men and mentally ill, many of them after they have been handcuffed and checked for weapons.”(Lindorff)
When is it appropriate to use force? The only time police should use force is when they're in trouble and the bystanders are also. “A homeless man called the police after an argument with a shop attendant. He was far away from the cops, holding a small knife, the guy was shot about 46 times, killing him, this was all captured on video...

... middle of paper ... what happen to me I was disappointed that the police actually ignore the people, and when I was about ten years of age I wanted to be something that close to a police job maybe an FBI agent or in the SWAT team. My dream of being one is not totally crushed. I could be one of the persons that don’t abuse the people and try to help out there community. If they don’t stop abusing their power of the law, they might as well create a robot police force that will actually keep the peace, and not abuse their badge. Probably scientists might actually build a robot police force and program them to not be violent and to not abuse the power of the badge, “ bye-bye human police, hello robots!” Till then hopefully the police brutality will come to end soon, and then I might not have to worry about the people constantly being bullied by the police and constantly being ignored.

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