The Epidemic of Obesity

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To me obesity is a major concern throughout America and has driven our country to become the second most obese country (behind Mexico) in the world. It really didn’t dawn onto me on how big our country is pertaining to obesity until I started my Agronomy class this semester. On the first day of class my teacher informed us on how Louisiana has been ranked the most obese state for the first time in eight years in our nation, and as he went on I started to ask myself, “How could this happen?” Of course I started to ponder about Louisiana’s seafood and other delicate cuisine that people can’t get enough of which might cause an over indulgence of eating but that couldn’t be enough to cause obesity in Louisiana or even the nation. Well my professor went on to state that America’s food source is in the best shape of the whole world and the best in the history of the world, meaning that America’s ability to distribute clean and reliable food to its citizens is second to none. Then it hit me, “Maybe the reason America is obese is because we are able to access food more easily than anyone else, so we must eat more.” So I started researching on America’s daily calorie intake and found an infographic, (a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data), on The Huffington Post showing two bar graphs, one showing the 20 highest and 20 lowest consuming countries and discovered that America is number one consuming an average of 3770 calories a day opposed to the recommended average of about 2500. At this moment I was appalled because according to the graph, on average America is consuming an extra 1270 calories, and it only takes only an extra 3500 calories a week to gain a pound. So, if Americans are eating 1270 c... ... middle of paper ... ... Least [INFOGRAPHIC]." The Huffington Post. N.p., 11 1 2012. Web. 8 Feb 2014. . 3) Jibrin, J.. "The 100 Healthiest Foods." Glossary of health-food. American Health. Web. 10 Feb 2014. . 4) Finkelstein, Eric A., and Laurie Zuckerman (2008), The Fattening America: How the economy Makes Us Fat, If It Matters, and What to Do about It. New York: John Wiley. 5) "Health food." Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. 10 Feb. 2014. . 6) Nestle, M.. "Does it really cost more to buy healthy food?."Currently browsing posts about: Price-of-food. N.p., 05 Aug 2011. Web. 10 Feb 2014. .
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