The Epic Of The Ramayana

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The Ramayana is one of the two major epics of modern Hinduism along with the Mahabharata. The Ramayana tells the story of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. The epic could be thought of as a classic tale of how dharma was restored through a great battle. In the Hindu tradition Vishnu takes form of avatars to restore dharma on Earth. Vishnu takes the form of Rama to defeat the 10 headed demon Ravana. Ravana favored by the heavens was granted a boon and asked for immortality. He can only be killed by a human but not the divine or demons. Rama is borned to the ruling family of Ayodhya but is exiled for 14 years. His brother Lakshman and his wife Sita join him in exile. While living a simple life in the jungle Sita is captured by Ravana and taken to Lanka. Rama with the aid of Lakshman & Hanuman form an army to save Sita. Ravana tries to persuade Sita to marry him but she refuses. Rama’s army in the end defeat Ravana and Rama takes his place as king of Ayodhya. On might consider Rama to be the most important character but Sita is the most crucial character in the story. This paper examines Sita’s role in the epic and how the potter and clay analogy applies to her role in the epic. Sita is the avatar of Lakshmi and serves as the image of the ideal women. The Ramayana focuses on Rama’s journey but Sita is single handedly the most important character in the story. Without Sita, Rama would have never achieved his destiny and thus Vishnu would have not restored dharma to the world. While in exile Sita is kidnapped by Ravana and this event launches the events that follow. Rama forms an army and confronts and defeats Ravana. This the entire reason why Vishnu comes to earth to confront and defeat Ravana. Killing... ... middle of paper ... ...n the Ramayana shows you how Sita is the perfect pot. She lives her life according dharma and never strays from her path. She not only represent the ideal Indian woman but the ideal human. A person who lives in service of others and is selfless. Her attributes also further this point. She is selfless, loyal, virtuous, intelligent, brave and an overall a survivor through adversity. Ramayana tells the story of how dharma was restored by Vishnu in the form of Rama. Rama may be the protagonist of the story but Sita is the story. She not only is the catalyst for the major event in the epic but she evokes the major lesson to live by dharma. The shaktis are always portrayed in similar matter. Not central figures but act as the true lesson from the story. Image how the Ramayana would be if Sita never was born. It would just be a story about a war between Rama and Ravana.

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