The Environment: Pollutions And Dangers Of The Environment

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The dangerous and major problem the environment facing today is “pollution”. It is a chemical and biological change, causing problems to all living beings on earth. These problems is created by man-made decreasing the lifespan of humans, animals and plant life. People should understand the importance of ecosystem which protects and being healthy. The three main pollutions caused by mankind: Air, water and soil.

Air pollution refers to contamination of air with poisonous toxic gases and particles released from industries. The three major causes are: Industrialization, smoke from fuels and deforestation. Gases released from industries cause a severe air pollution because, the substances contain more chemicals which are hazardous to human, animal and even to plant life. Smoke released from fossil fuels, petrol and vehicles also creates trouble to the environment as, they contain more carbon- dioxide which effects the human health like breathing and lung diseases. Ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet rays because, of air pollution there are chances of destroying this layer which results in skin allergies. . Finally deforestation, is the other major cause affecting ecosystem badly. Cutting of trees results in producing less oxygen
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Waste materials from industries and household activities, are disposed directly into nearby lakes or oceans. These activity effects the aquatic animals directly and indirectly the human who eat marine animals like fish. The contaminated water consumed by people results in skin diseases. Some people throw waste materials like plastic bottles, dirt into water as a result the water gets polluted and people use that water again in daily activities which also causes in multiple diseases . The oil leakage from ships in the ocean is the other source of water pollution .Oil is insoluble in water, which forms thick sludge reduces the oxygen levels for marine
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