The Environment: Factors To The Degradation Of The Environment

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One of the most compelling problems we face today is the degradation of the Environment. Though nature does contribute to the degradation of the environment through natural disasters and wildfires, the most apparent and controllable contribution of harmful acts to the environment are humans. Some factors that cause this degradation are overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, human interference, and government corruption, landfills and land disturbance. These then go on to affect loss of biodiversity, impact on human health, ozone layer depletion and of course loss of tourism industry. Growing up I was able to go farming with my grandmother and as I walked through the pastures of green leaved trees, I enjoyed the kind breeze that kissed…show more content…
It isn’t just about tree huggers. According to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster reduction, environment degradation is the limit of earth to meet social and environmental destinations and needs. The degradation of the environment is more caused by human activity than natural occurrence. The increasing population causes some ecological effect as people expand and build homes and factories. These contributes greatly to pollution as trees are removed from their natural habitat and are used, the natural resources become depleted, therefore the environment become compromised and such problems as extinction of species (through haunting for food and lifestyle). Land disturbance and habitat disturbance are two other factors that are caused by…show more content…
Though the forests are cut for many reasons, the main factors are because of money and people trying to put or keep a roof above their head. As the forest lose more trees and it causes a big loss to the environment. According to the National Geographic, about 30 percent of the world is covered by forest, but at the rate the trees are being cut, the National Geographic researchers believe the world’s rain forests would go into extinction in as little as a century. As far as human health is involved, greenhouse gases are supposed to be observed by trees, but by it not being absorpted, there can be an increase of CO2 into the atmosphere (that are normally suppose to be taken in by trees and waters), and might increase health issues for all humans and other
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