The Enviromental Challenges China is Facing

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China’s economy has begun to expand over the past years, and has become known for their manufacturing. But at what cost? Between the years 1992 and 2002 ,China’s emission output had risen 33% causing environmental and political problems to arise (Cozier, M. (2006, June 12)). Many of the factories China uses for manufacturing products are run by coal, one of the most dirtiest energy sources available (Cleaner China -- the Asian tiger is striving to curb pollution. (2013, August 31)). Burning coal for electricity releases large amounts of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide-some of the key elements of acid rain-into the atmosphere (Acid Rain. (2009)). Acid rain and air pollution has become an environmental and political problem for China and throughout the world. Acid rain is caused when “sulfur and nitrogen oxides released by the burning of fossil fuels react with water in the atmosphere to form strong acids”(Acid Rain. (2009)). Acid rain, and acidic solutions, are determined by the pH scale; 7 being basic and anything under it is considered acidic. Most types of acid rain can range from 4.1-5.1 on the pH scale, which is more acidic than normal rain (Acid Rain. (2009)). “Beijing, Chongqing, and other Chinese cities have the highest concentrations of sulfur dioxide” (Henderson, M. G. (2002)) causing environmental problems for the Chinese and for Americans. In the best interest for China and America,-in environment and political aspect-America should slow down their trading with China until they can introduce new, more efficient pollution laws. By slowing down our trade with China, the Chinese government will have to create new laws to protect their environment from acid rain and other pollutants. The pollution and acid rain cau... ... middle of paper ... ...s.), Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (Vol. 1, pp. 73-74). New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Retrieved from Middleton, N. (2005, March). Acid shock. Geography Review, 18(4), 10+. Retrieved from Passing the buck: acid rain in Japan. (1993, August 21). The Economist, 328(7825), 68+ Retrieved from Top Trading Partner - November 2013. (2013, November). In United States Census Bureau. Retrieved March 12, 2014 from

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