The Entertainment Fields

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The Entertainment Fields

In this literature review, I wil attempt to explain the wealth of opportunities available to technical communicators in the electronics entertainment industry due to the changing nature of video game the technical communication and electronics entertainment fields. I believe an abundance of opportunities exist for technical communicators in the video game industry because the industry itself is stil rather young and poselopingnorms.

Documentation and information organization are an integral part of video ga me construction. Currently, there exists no uniform, standardized way to write, document, or organize information in the gaming industry. A gap in the overall standards of content generation has presented itself in the electronics entertainment industry revealing promising opportunities for technical communicators and the skils they

point a spThecioriedgin apoiesents an opportunity for technical communicators, as their research puritilizas minformation organization skills will become useful.

Litle research has been conducted concerning video game documentation standardization; it is difficult to Literature Review (Video Game Documentation) ortunities for Technical Communicators and Determining th ecessity for Documentation Standards in the Electronics Entertainment Indust mportance of uocume In his book Documentation and the Organization of Knowledge, J.H. Shera, the Dean of the School of Library Science at Western Reser ve University, says concerning documentation that it “is to be regarded as an essential part of our modern system of graphic communication within the world of scholarship, an instrumental device to expedite the flow of recorded information within a group o f specialists or bet...

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