The Enneagram Personality Assessment

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Enneagram Personality Assessments are tools for better understanding the many complicated aspects of how a person thinks and acts. Although I felt some of these traits applied more than others, the assessment provided an excellent resource, or guide, for better understanding my own personality. Initial Reflection The Enneagram Personality Assessment highlighted different aspects and traits that reflect on more lengthy conclusions that I see in my own personality. The assessment noted characteristics such as being spontaneous, improvisational, being fully in the moment, striving to be a skilled performer, intuitiveness, and seeking new ways to do things. These were just a few of the traits listed by the assessment that I recognized as strong…show more content…
Type seven involves characteristics of enthusiasm, energy, and improvisation. As a nurse, I believe these traits will help me face long shifts with a readiness to take on any challenge or scenario that might come my way. I am always ready to get to work and to find new ways to adapt to any changing demands of a goal. Type three is characterized by prestige and skill. I want my skills and performance to be at a level that receives the recognition of others. During high pressure situations as a nurse, I hope to perform and earn the respect of my peers and clients. For the last of my top three types, type four, I have traits of being intuitive, creative, and open to learning new things. I have a strong belief in being open to learning new procedures and strategies, especially with thorough training and instruction. This should help me as a nurse when new evidence brings in changes to current protocol, which I may be required to learn as our healthcare system changes and improves. However, these traits have some aspects that may negatively affect my nursing career. My type seven traits sometimes cause me to find a lack of tasks at work extremely challenging and monotonous. I need to stay focused even when my I do not find my environment exciting. From my type three traits, I need to not be discouraged if my efforts go unrecognized or unappreciated by client. I…show more content…
These types altogether are characterized by perfectionism, a love for acquiring knowledge, and being aggressively vigilant. I have a resistance towards being caught up in overused traditions that no longer serve a practical purpose, seeing no reason to continue practices that are outdated. I see the faults of hardcore intellectualism and speaking in cold facts, when sometimes nurses need to empathize and be able to relate and understand their patient. There are times I take risks in situations that require it, rather than being debilitated by caution or fear of failure. As a nurse, if I ever must make a decision in which the risk is the right one, I hope I will make that decision. However, these types have benefits which I must be conscious of lacking. Safe practices and staying stable in a work environment is important in nursing. A lack of a degree of perfectionism may cause me to be careless or unorganized. Facts and knowledge are very important for maintaining proper procedure and protocol as a nurse. I hope to conscious of these areas that I am lacking in and strive towards incorporating the key areas that are important for safe and effective nursing
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