The Enjoyment Of Other's Misfortune

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The Enjoyment of Other’s Misfortune
People in this world have a tendency to secretly smile at others mistakes or slip-ups. It’s a feeling we get when we know that we’ve done better than the other person or we are now ahead in a competition. We feel a gain of confidence or self-esteem because we simply are now better than the other person. So the reason I am researching this question is so I can see how people are selfish and maybe a little rude even though this feeling is normal for us.
According to Psychology Today we seem to reach a feeling inside us that is considered to be less acceptable than envy. When others mess up we can benefit from it. For example, if the other team didn’t play good and my team ended up winning, their mess up or downfall helped us win the game. Another example would be if you were in a beauty pageant and the other girl trips and falls and you ended up being Mrs. America. Well their mistake helped you win the pageant. Also these situations or feelings reveal jealousy. We might have had a fight or an argument in the past with someone we dislike that makes us want them to fail even more. The author of this source Aaron Ben-Zeev, says that “the pleasure is associated with the passivity of the person enjoying it”. So the feeling that is considered to be less acceptable than envy might be a harmful feeling to experience.
While reading an article written by Richard Smith about feeling happy when someone has made a mistake, he concludes that “when the other side stumbles-- be it a political party or a sports team-- it’s natural to feel good”. One of the facts he writes in his article is that we gain from others misfortunes. We might gain ahead in a competition or we might gain an e...

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...sly is a stronger emotion than sympathy. My results also say that feeling a little happy when another person messes up is not a bad thing to feel. Most people chose sometimes that they like the feeling. Most of the ten people I surveyed said that it depended on the situation. So yes my results answered my question.
My answer to my question is that everyone in the whole world secretly smiles at others misfortunes. Some people benefit from it the situation, others might gain from it. That person that is smiling at the other guy might think everything is a competition or they just have low self-esteem. We feel relief when they fail and knowing we are better. I, myself think that when you feel this pleasure you don’t really notice it. It just happens, like we have no control over it. Its life and it’s a natural thing for us to feel this way sometimes.
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