The English Language

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Introduction The English language has always been a unique and colorful. Like America, it is a blend of many influences and people that have changed the language in many ways. Researching the language provides a look into the rich history that changed greatly thanks to the influences from others that helped create the language that is present now.
Origins of English According to Freeman and Freeman (2014), Old English formed in 449 by the Angles and Saxons who invaded Britain. These tribes spoke Englisc (pg. 223). These Englisc speakers took some Celt words and also adopted Latin words thanks to Roman soldiers and missionaries (Freeman & Freeman, 2014, pg. 223). Pronouns like they, their, and them were introduced by Vikings who invaded
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As many different peoples came to invade England, they brought their unique languages with them. By doing this, the English language started absorbing vocabulary and grammar rules form a huge number of language sources (Boeree, 2004). The English language morphed and mutated to fit the needs of the speakers. New words are created to refer to new ideas, objects, and technologies clearly and competently. Throughout history, words from around the world came into England that changed the very nature of the language. For example, words from the Old English vocabulary were pronounced quite differently from Modern English (Boeree, 2004). For example, letters k, q, v, x, and z were not used during this time period (Boeree, 2004). As the language moved to the Middle English period, there were three main dialects: Northern, Midlands, and Southern (Boeree, 2004). Modern English is influenced mostly by northern Middle English and then some southern Middle English (Boeree, 2004). From the northern part, we kept the plural of the nouns like they, their, and them and also the third person singular of verbs with -s like hits (Boeree, 2004). From the southern Middle English, we kept the long o like is stone and ch sound for the letter c like church (Boeree,
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