The English Language

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If we want to understand any culture there is nothing like analyzing its language. By learning a new language we develop new ways of thinking and reasoning, some languages have a complex logic that force us to do mental math each time we say a number. If we want to see how polite a culture is, we will find many ways in their language to behave with good manners. Some cultures are colder and seem not to be very warm, nor to have ways of showing politeness. The English language is one of the most polite languages in the world for it has many ways that can make the speaker behave with very good manners in every possible way. Any language reflects how their society behaves, the ways they live, their customs and the ways they interact with each other. Language is crucial for a society to evolve, for as long as the language gets richer the society becomes more cultivated and broad-minded.

The English language has been evolving through time, the language took another path from its ancestor, the Anglo-Saxon, until it became what it is now, but that came as a result of many centuries of conquests, invasions, wars and cultural exchange. The United Kingdom has been a great power since 1815, and its conquests made the English language spread all over the world, for the language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and has been set as the official language of more countries than any other language. In order to understand the English culture we should submerge in its history and basically in the evolution of the language.

The first important invasion that Britain beheld was the invasion of the Germanic tribes which as a result submitted the Celts taking them to their extinction and bringing the Anglo-Saxon -Old English- as the...

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...gine changed the meaning of words like "train", "locomotive", and "tracks" so that they could fit with the new technology; also "Cockney rhyming slang" appeared and became a new form of speech used by the lower class.

After many conflicts, invasions, wars, and new technological discoveries, England has grown powerful; its society has been carrying centuries of internal and external changes, which have helped the English language to evolve enriching the society with concepts and ideas through time. In the present day it is estimated that the English language has over 1,025,109 words approximately, and there is no doubt the number of words will increase through the years, for the English language has proven that it has the capacity to reinvent itself absorbing and creating new words, for there will be new discoveries, that will be in need for a better understanding.
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