The Endless Night

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The world was ending. It was in the scenery, the environment. It was in the ash that covered everything, the pockmarks made from the gunfire. You could taste it on your tongue, sort of like the scent of coagulated blood. The man didn’t really mind that the world was ending. He wasn’t worried because he was him and that meant he was alive and not one of those things that had torn up the Army barricades, the Army men and most of all, his family. He was a survivor, an adaptor, a changer and he was ready for everything and anything that slept under his bed and stalked the shadows. He was ready. He had been an average guy with an average job and an average family. He didn’t really mind the monotony of the daily grind, didn’t want an adrenaline shot like some people. But that had all changed when the men in blue suits had ordered his family out of the area. They had called it Necrosis or something. He wasn’t really listening to the man. He was more fixated on a couple of people being mercilessly gunned down in the middle of the street. They had been there one second and then poof, a th...
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