The End

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It was bewildering; being here…imagining myself just lying in the snow so calmly and looking up to see all the vibrant stars, when there was a puddle of blood beside me. I was thinking as hard as I could to find the reason for how it happened this way, why it had all morphed into some dreadful nightmare. I wasn’t sure if common sense could function in my state of being, but I think that the thoughts in my mind seemed rational enough at the time to be able to recall what happened. Well, it started off with my friends planning out a trip to Big Bear for winter break, and it was supposed to be just us over there having fun in some huge cabin one of my friend’s parents owned. So off we went excited to see snow, and relax with tons of hot coffee and beer on the side, thanks to acquaintance of mine supplying it since he had just turned 21 not too long ago. This guy, well he was friendly, and had always been charismatic and funny when we had talked to each other when he’d hang around with my other friends. Through the trip, we became friends almost effortlessly, because we already knew each other for a good while since he was like any of the others I had. So anyway, when we arrived it was already dark out, and everyone was drained from the long trip, but never enough to drink before bed. I wasn’t too hyped up about joining, because I saw no point in it when I could just sleep and then have a whole day ahead of me for that kind of fun. So, I left to get some rest, going on my way to one of the bedrooms, when he stopped me for a second to hand me a beer, saying that one couldn’t ruin my sleep. I hesitated, but then agreed. I knew that one never really made a difference to how sober I would feel. We started chatting, and we walked to t... ... middle of paper ... ...r me to land on, and all I could do was watch everything becoming more and more distant from my eyes, so far away. In time it all stopped, all the movement came to halt. I felt like I was floating, I felt weightless, I felt nothing. This immediately changed though… Everything felt broken inside me and I could feel my body heat draining out of me now… I couldn’t scream, but the growing chest pain was unbearable and, and I couldn’t take it any longer. Just as soon as the thought popped into my head, my heart popped from my chest on the inside. It couldn’t handle what the drug had done to it and the rest of my body couldn’t handle the high fall. It was all done here now, and all I could do now was to wait for my last breaths to be used up and to watch the stars gleaming above me in the dark sky. Soon, the beautiful view transitioned into darkness, and it was the end.

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