The Emerging Power of the Czar's Imperial Army

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The Emerging Power of the Czar's Imperial Army NOTE: This is essay is written in letter form, and I am writing it as if I were a Command & Staff Officer assigned to the German Kaiser in early 1900s, and was to report on the emerging power of the Czar's (Russian) Imperial Army following the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. Russian Imperial Army: The Organization and Tactics learned and applied during ======================================================= Post Russo-Jap War of 1904 Letter Begins: Your Excellence, As we stand at the brink of war with one of our oldest adversaries, it is with the utmost urgency that I insure you have the latest military goings-on from Moscow. Without a doubt, the Russian military has been busy since the Russo-Japanese War and has geared its entire method strategy and method off the threat of our very own Triple Alliance. For the most part, these new reforms are bringing some much needed changes to an already powerful enemy, and although there are still shortcomings, I feel it necessary to brief you on five of the most pressing improvements of their forces. A complete restructuring of their Corps organization stands at the forefront of the reforms, and is two-fold--it addresses the realignment of the corps into Military Districts and the actual make-up of the Russian Army Corps. Although it has maintained a "four-sided" structure that will impair the overall effectiveness of command and control, it has also simplified the overall control aspect. In regards to this new composition of forces, Sukhomlinov has borrowed from the Young Turks Palitsyn-Alekseev, whom you will recall b... ... middle of paper ... ... denied that the Russian armies do consist of good regiments with dedicated men--and although the level of skill and quality of the units above regiment level diminishes the higher up you look, it must also be considered that with a moral fanaticism that is ever-present in the Russian people, one must not forget that their 1.3+ million man ground force is actually only 1.8 percent of their male population! We can win this war, but if we are to start it, we must do so as soon as possible, for the Russians are assuredly restructuring their army for the best--and they are surely following the advice of Neznamov that the Russian virtues of bravery, self-sacrifice, stolidity, and self-sufficiency must be backed by an increased army knowledge, training, and utilization of national assets (Menning 215). Dutifully yours,

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