The Emerging Adulthood Theory

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The area that I would like to touch on is the different levels of adulthood, young adulthood, early adulthood and middle adulthood. These developmental stages are new to me, especially the Emerging adulthood theory that was discussed in this course. I will be discussing what stood out to me as I learned about these different stages, before this I was under the impression that once you turned 18 years old you were considered an adult. Not that I agreed with that theory, but until I took this course my thought had been confirmed and there are different “levels” of being an adult. Emerging adulthood, really stood out to me in the course, due to the fact that from 18-25 years old a person really lacks life experience, yet they are strapped with…show more content…
At time this group, do not financially make it and need to move back in with their parents, and continue the same life. Enjoying not have responsibilities, yet living life to the fullest, traveling, dating, and having fun. At this time in their life, it is stated that they are to be navigating through adulthood, and learning some of the traits that will help when they enter into adult…show more content…
I have decided that personally, I want my children to learn how to care for themselves prior to leaving the home. My oldest is not 17 yrs. old and received her licenses over the summer, our first rule was that we would give her a car due to a deal that we had worked out, she had babysat for us for an entire year and we gave her our “old” car (1997 and she was born in 1998). However, she had to pay for licenses and registration, insurance, and gas. Thankfully, she had a job prior to getting a car. We did offer to pay the insurance for 6 months in advance due to getting a better rate, and she would have to make monthly payments to us. So far it has worked out great, and the discussions that we have had is that she is sick of paying bills, however she wants to have a car and phone, so she has to work. Along with work, she maintains her grades in school and household duties. We have had discussions with her about when she goes to college, she has thought about staying in the dorms; however we explained that once she leaves the house we will not by groceries (food, bathroom supplies and clothes). This came to a shock, however explaining that this is what adults do regularly she appeared to understand, and has started to change her own spending habits to buy more affordable items in

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