The Emerald Green Tree Boa

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Appearance The Emerald Green Tree Boa has a heart shaped head. They have small white zig-zags going horizontally down their backs. They are a darker green in the winter and more of a lime ish green in the spring and summer. The have a long body with a diameter of about 1 to 2.5 inches. The have thick green scales that lay over each other. They have pointed tails. They have blurry vision and rely on mostly on their sense of touch and smell The plant Bromelia is known for its brightly colored flowers. The Bromelia/Bromeliad gives off a potent odor and sweet smell. The plant has razor sharp leaves resembling its close relative the pineapple. The Bromelia is home to many small rodents and the emerald green tree boa. Bromelia have open air roots. The roots are a whitish gray color. The flowers are usually closed unless there is enough water in the air. Locomotion Emerald Green Tree Boas slither to get from point A to point B. They do not migrate due to them already living in a climate that fits their needs. They tend to leave their homes if there is a lack of food. they originally are found in the amazon and other parts of south america. They have been unnaturally to Florida, Louisiana, Georgia. The Plant Bromelia has started to spread across America commonly found in homes. Though they naturally are found in the amazon rain forest. As most should know plants do not have legs. Thus they depend on rodents and natural weather changes to move their seed from one area to another. They do not bloom all year so their seeds cannot be spread year round. Diet The Emerald Green tree boa feeds on small rodents such as rats, lizards and small birds. The animal does not have a venomous bite and relies only on its strength.... ... middle of paper ... ...s mutualism due to gaining from the relationship and causing success in the plant’s life as well. The animal also unknowingly helps small bugs and ticks travel from one area to another without being harmed due to the ticks being interested in mammals in a different location. This relationship is called commensalism due to one being used without losing or gaining from the situation while the other sees profit from the relationship. The Bromelia plant gains from the Emerald Green Tree Boa because the snake eats many known predators to it while the plant supplies a home for the snake. This is a mutualistic relationship due to both parties seeing success. Many small bugs such as caterpillars feed on the plant causing the plants to wither and die. This is considered parasitism due to one gaining from the relation while the other sees the bad end of the relationship.

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