The Elements Of Moral Philosophy By James Rachells And Stuart Rachels

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It is very difficult to achieve a systematic understanding of the nature of mortality, but as humans we still try to. In fact, since people believe that the point of life is to pursue truth, people have been studying ethics and morality to find a universally understood truth. So that all of mankind, can address themes and understand situations the same way. Even when the backgrounds and levels of experience are different among each individual person in the world. After reading chapter one of The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels and Stuart Rachels, and after debriefing the moral dilemma activity from ethics class, there is multiple of justifications for why studying morality and ethics is important. However, the three most important…show more content…
Ethics refers to the study of the constructs that determine what is good and bad in direct connection with moral principles and values. And in terms of morality and ethics, it's important to understand what values and what virtues actually are. Values are characteristics of human thought and action that are intrinsically preferred or held in high esteem. Whereas virtues in ethics, is all about thinking about the higher regard or the better. The book, The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels and Stuart Rachels, provides many cases of people with different morals coming to an understanding (or sometimes not), about a specific situation. For example, Baby Theresa was a story about a baby who had anencephaly in the early 90’s. Her story became public debate when her organs were needed by others and under Florida law could not be killed to donate…show more content…
Such feelings are often a sign of moral seriousness and may be admired (Peter and Peters, 10).” In the Ethics Philosophy Seminar, there was focus on a moral dilemmas workshop. Students formulated moral dilemmas and distributed them to others to judge them on severity. From the activity, it was noted that people thought the dilemmas were taken more seriously when they impacted specific lives, just like Baby Theresa. If people die- it’s worse, how people die (the numbers) impacts severity of the moral dilemma as well. Care and connection is really important too. Students found that age also impacts how people view situations. For example, young people getting killed is viewed as more severe versus someone who is older. Deception, however, was found to be the most universally understood, severest form of moral dilemmas and values. These exercises find explanation for why someone acts, thinks, or says the things that they do. Cause and personal responsibility play a huge role in how the dilemma is looked at. When there is no justification, or reason behind why someone did something, people take the scenario more seriously. Similar to the example before, what can be said to justify Baby Theresa’s parents request? What about the justification for the ethicists who studied her case? The result of studying ethics, can lead to finding reason and explanation behind

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