The Electronic Medical Record System and Computerizing Health Records in Five Years

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Introduction Shadowing a physician in Haymarket, Virginia, I remember first encountering a practice using an Electronic Medical Record system. Prior to that experience, I’ve always went to health clinics that had health records on paper. When the physician I was shadowing was on her laptop, I asked what software she was using. She responded, “It’s an EMR system. It basically has all our patient’s records, we can easily send prescriptions to pharmacies, can see when our patients arrive, and much more!” I was surprised of the EMR system because I have never heard of it before and was so intrigued by its capabilities. But what specifically is an EMR? Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR) is a computer application that helps manage clinicals, finances, and administrative tasks of a healthcare organization (New Wave Enterprises LLC). The purpose of EMRs is to reduce workload and keep work efficiency high (New Wave Enterprises LLC). In more detail, EMRs are installed on a central server and then are able to connect via a network to computers, laptops, tablet computers, and PDAs (New Wave Enterprises LLC). EMR software, “integrates with the organization’s existing billing software and allow the caregiver to see the patient’s check in/check out routine, submit CPT/ICD information to the billing software, assist the caregiver in decision-making by suggesting treatment plan recommendations, and generate reports” (New Wave Enterprises LLC). Examples of popular EMR software companies include Logician EMR, Medinotes, Greenway, Visionary MD, Medcomsoft, and Mysis EMR (New Wave Enterprises LLC). ARRA and HITECH Act The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed into law by President Obama in order to jumpstart the ... ... middle of paper ... .... Ophthalmology Web. Retrieved from spid=23&aid=367 New Wave Enterprises LLC. (N.D). EMR Software Reviews. New Wave Enterprises LLC. Retrieved from Spring, Manda. (N.D). EMR Advantages and Disadvantages. Bright Hub. Retrieved from http:// U.S Department of Health & Human Services. (N.D). HITECH Act Enforcement Interim Final Rule. U.S Department of Health & Human Services. Retrieved from ocr/privacy/hipaa/administrative/enforcementrule/hitechenforcementifr.html Washington Times. (2009). Questions on computerizing health records. Washington Times. Retrieved from computerizing-health-records/

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