The Electroal College

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When Americans vote, each and every vote is not counted, they are voting for the 538 individuals who make up the Electoral College. Most states award their electoral vote to the candidate who has won the popular vote. Let me emphasize, “Most.”

The campaign for 2004 that was directed towards my generation was “Vote or Die” (MTV 2004), with words as strong as those, a person like myself, would assume my vote actually counted. But, as I learn more about politics, and the whole Electoral College process, I am stunned and quite aggravated. Honestly I would have probably not ran out and registered to vote, and voted for the first time in my life, if I had known that my vote really didn’t matter. They do “claim” that every vote counts, but once again I must emphasize, most states award the electoral vote to the candidate that has won the popular vote. To me this means that even if all the votes of a particular state point to one candidate, it isn’t guaranteed that the candidate that should plainly win the state actually will.

I really do not support the Electoral College, I do believe if we allow a Constitutional Amendment to be passed to completely abolish the Electoral College; it will open the doors to other requests that may challenge to abolish any one of our rights. Although I do believe there is something that can be done to make the Electoral College a little bit fairer where all of our voices can be heard.

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