The Electrifying Feeling of Love

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The electrifying feeling of love is something no one can explain. If we were to ask someone to describe what being in love feels like, they will describe something that sounds like sexual passion and desire tinged with obsession. Commonly, the feeling of lust that is often mistaken as love at first sight. The feeling of obsession when we cannot stop thinking about the person and wanting to be around them all of the time, or the sacrifice and commitment of love that most people dread, although, some overcome. Ultimately, the passion which is a major part to the way we love.
The feeling of love is something I enjoy. That feeling I get when I look deep into my loved one’s soul, the tingle down my spine when our lips meet as the sun meets the horizon is regularly a magical feeling. Is this true love or is lust? Lust is commonly mistaken for love, because the attraction to the person is so strong. We are infatuated by the person’s physical attributes, and sometimes forget to get to know the person. People in lust are interested in sex, and not actually interested in conversation. Lust is more like friends with benefits thing rather than a commitment to one another. The emotions we feel from lust can feel very real but actually based on a fantasy. Usually, to love someone you must first get to know them well, but plenty individuals fall into lust while they are still strangers. When people fall in lust they are thinking about a lot of fantasy, and what might be to come in the future. They often forget about reality and are focused on the fantasy in their head. Lust is a happy feeling brought on by passionate attraction. Overwhelmed by physical attributes people in lust cannot keep away from one another. Although physical attraction is...

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...ime; certainly no one wants to waste their time.
Love is a thing that comes differently for everyone, but we cannot deny the components are the same. Lust, the feeling that we all are fond of. The fantasies and misjudged feelings of love that we mistaken, which are just physical attractions constantly, forgetting to get to know the person at heart. The obsession of the other person and everything they are. The feelings of missing them that we dread and wanting to be around them all the time thinking and dreaming about them. The passion we feel when we are around them fulfilling their every want and needs, making sure that we are always there, and never wary of what we need to do to make them feel loved. The acts of commitment that some fail to establish for the sake of a good relationship. Describing love is hard for everyone to do but the components are the same.
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