The Electric Guitar's Influence on Music

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The electric guitar has changed our music since it was first introduced in the 1930’s. In the late 1930’s, the electric guitar was used for jazz then merged into a big band format. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the electric guitar was one of the most important instruments in pop music. Nowadays electric guitars are used for Jazz and pop, and other genres like rock, heavy metal, blues, and country. This instrument has made a huge impact on our music since its invention in 1931. No one knows who invented the first electric guitar, but Adolph Rickenbacker was one of the most likely inventors of the electric guitar. Rickenbacker and his good friend Paul Barth founded a company in 1931 which was called Rickenbacker Electro Instrument Company. Barth soon left the company due to the fact that Rickenbacker was getting most of the credit of everything in the Rickenbacker Electro Instrument Company. A man named Les Paul founded a company called Gibson. This guitar company sold solid electric guitars. This company became one of the most famous guitar companies. Gibson made a famous guitar called the “Gibson Les Paul.” In 1932, amplified guitars were only available commercially. The first solid body electric guitar was Spanish standard. An electric guitar uses a pickup to detect electrical impulses from the vibrations in the strings when it is strummed or plucked. The pickups are located in the middle of the body, under the strings, and commonly use direct electromagnetic impulses. The electric impulses are too weak for a loudspeaker, so inventors made an amp to amplify the sound to make it louder. Because the electric guitar uses electric signals for sound, it is easy to modify with electronic circuits. Electric guitars were originally d... ... middle of paper ... ... can see, the instrument manufactures and instruments designers have put a lot of work into making electric guitars play with great quality materials to suit the players preferences and budgets. Therefore, electric guitars has a long line of history behind it. Adolph Rickenbacker did a great job of changing modern music by inventing the electric guitar. We would not have as many genres of music as we do now if it were not for the electric guitar. Some genres could not even survive if there was not a electric guitar, other genres would not be how they are today if not for the invention of the electric guitar in 1931. Even though many people claim to have invented the electric guitar, everyone of them should get credit for this amazing inventions. As you can see, the electric guitar has changed music from the 1930s all the way up to the 2000s in such an impactful way.

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