The Electoral College System

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Most democracies in the world today have multiparty system. There are 3 or more political parties that gain the power and control the government. However, throughout the history United States have had a two-party system. Currently, these two parties are Democrats and Republicans. This two party system is a result of nation’s choosing its officials through popular vote. In America, Electoral College elects the President and the Vice President every four years. People do not vote directly for the President or the Vice President of United States. Electors are chosen by the popular vote on a state-by-state basis. Each state gets one elector per member of congress. For example, Maryland has two senators and eight members of the House. Therefore, it would get total ten electoral votes. States with major population would have more electoral votes because of having more members in the House. This is also a part of winner-take-all system which awards seats based on majority rule. In each state all the electors vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in that particular state.
On the contrary, most of the other democratic countries have proportional representation. In proportional representation system seats in legislative are allocated according to the party’s share of popular vote. Proportional representation awards seats based on percentage and multi-member district. Electoral College consists of 538 electors. To become a president 270 or more votes are required. However, if none of the candidate gets 270 votes, then the House of Representatives would select the president.
I argue against Electoral College system. First of all, people are not voting directly for the President or the Vice President. A pure form of democracy is ...

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... and the people whose ballot is wasted in popular vote. Also, an individual citizen in America who is a member of any third party, such as Green Party, would most probably never see his or her party running the congress or winning the presidency. In any given year, you may not have any power at all. If you live in a small state, in your entire life you might never have any influence on the presidential elections. However, Electoral College system is written in the U.S Constitution. It could only be changed through passing an amendment and, to pass amendment two-third of the majority would be required. Since, by getting rid of this system small states might become weaker and not have any significant influence on the outcome of national elections, it’s almost impossible that such an amendment will ever pass. For better or worse, this is the system our government has.
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