The Electoral College: A Blemish on Democracy

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The United States is considered one of the most democratic nations in the world. Why do the people not choose their own president? This is a good question. People have a right to choose their leader. The electoral college should be abolished because campaigns focus too much on states with lots of electoral votes, the leader of the people should be elected directly by the people, and it is an outdated and unfair system.
The electoral college is a system of electing the president where the people choose electors to vote for them. Each state has a certain number of electoral votes. This number is based upon population. The higher the population, the more electoral votes. The people vote and the electors can choose whether or not to base their vote on the peoples' choice. The electors vote, and all the electoral votes are given to the candidate who earned the majority of those votes. There are only two states that divide up their electoral votes proportionally instead of winner-take-all. (
The states with few electoral votes do not matter much in the scheme of the election. The large states with the most votes are focused on because they matter for winning the election. While some elections have been close, most are not. This means that the small states are useful, but they are not very important. The candidates do not do much campaigning in the states with few electoral votes (W.W. Norton and Company Inc.). All the states should receive the same amount of attention. It is not fair that some states do not receive any attention. If a candidate wants to win, he or she should have to spread his or her efforts all over the country. A good candidate would reach out to the whole country. He or she would ...

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...eoples’ vote. It is time for something new.

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