The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is a highly debated topic in the political world. Mostly because not many voters are knowledgeable on what the voting system to elect a president is. The Electoral College is a voting system that was put in place by the founding fathers back in 1787. When voters casts their ballots, they are actually voting for the presidential electors. Each state is guaranteed at least 3 electoral votes. The number of electors a state has is equivalent to the number of representatives they have plus the 2 seats in Senate. In total there are 538 electoral votes to be casts, due to the 3 for D.C. However, a president needs the majority of that, (270), to win. A complex process indeed. But the reason for debate is that there’s been accounts in which the electoral college has failed. There are many reasons to abolish the voting system. However, there are also many reasons to keep the electoral system in place.
The debate on the Electoral College has been so highly discussed because there’s been 4 instances where the Electoral College failed; 1824, 1876, 1888, and most recently,...

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