The Election that Turned on the Lightbulb in America

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The Election that Turned on the Lightbulb in America The election process has finally ended, and out from the dust, a new president comes forward. Like an old Western movie, the battle between two foes has prompted a new method of handling the town's affairs. As a result of the election, the country will benefit enormously from the mistakes it had uncovered over the past month or so. We have found a new faith in our judicial system. As well as a new found respect for the slogan, "every vote counts." In addition, the media has been forced to change their approach on reporting the election. Thus, the country can only strive from overcoming adversity and gaining new knowledge. The judicial system emerged to be a fair and powerful force during the final days of the election fiasco. First, it gave a detailed lesson on the process of judicial review and constitutional laws, that in effect, gave the American people a sense of fairness and truth. The exchange of court battles from circuit courts, to appeal courts, to state supreme courts, to US Supreme Court, seemed to bring no end to the conflict in the state of Florida. Finally, with the constitution on their side, the Supreme Court of the United States made a decision that gave Americans a sigh of relief. It gave the right to decide the election in the hand of the people, and more precisely, to the secretary of state of Florida. The judicial system became the median between political parties that were at warfare. At times, the decisions made by the courts favored both George Bush and Al Gore. The election confirmed, our judicial branch was fair and not influenced by political belief. Consequently, the courts came out of this election as a father figure that is not bias nor weak. The voting process was affected heavily by the two thousand elections. Countless problems with ancient voting ballots and machines, resulted in the media craze for the butterfly ballots, the hanging chad, and the dimples. As a result, a push for a universal and modern ballot has been expressed by the public. State funds will be invested to update the voting machines and counters. The narrow presidential race has also proven the slogan, "every vote counts." The narrow victory in Florida for George Bush, will undoubtably motivate Americans to vote in the next election. In fact, Americans will be encouraged to learn the issues and make an informed

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