The Effects on Media Violence

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I chose this topic because I want to be a videogame designer and I wanted to defend my right to create what I want. Unfortunately, after researching this topic it is clear that it is no longer possible to say violent media is completely harmless. Videogames and television do have harmful effects on children and young adults. Research has been done since the 1950’s and almost all studies show clear evidence that media violence does cause increased violent tendencies, desensitization, and antisocial behavior – which is the same as sociopathic and psychopathic behavior, it does not mean introverted.

Understanding this, I want to make it clear that censorship should not be the solution. I believe that artists should be able to make and produce the content they want to and they should not be limited in what they can do because it is the easiest solution. I want to find out just how damaging media violence is to our society and what can be done to fix it, without limiting what content can be created. I do not want artists, producers, or developers to be limited in what they do; I want for their content to only be available to the correct age group. When I become a videogame designer I do not want to be told “you cannot do that” because the content available to children cannot be controlled.

Research Questions

Questions I have are, when and where did this research start? What effects does media violence have in the short term? What are the long term effects? How much exposure is okay and how much is too much? What can be done to alleviate this problem? What other factors contribute to increased violence and antisocial behavior in children?

I am curious what efforts are being put forward to censor media and what parents, companies, an...

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