The Effects on Kids and Teens Due to Violent Video Games

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Games are cool and nice and all but there are some video games that are considered ultra violent video games due to the real world type of violence it shows. These games are graphic and do have violence in it, but it isn’t enough to conquer or influence a teen. In other cases, it may conquer or influence a kid because kids have fresh minds, and learn everything in their way. It’s been experimented to see if games do influence but until present day, yet, there’s no proof or evidence. Violent video games may have an affect on children depending on their age. Younger children are more influenced by violent video games than teens.

Violence In Violent Video Games

If close attention is paid to a game there can be distinguished between the violence in it reality, according to news reporter Steven Gruel point of view. There’s series of games called “ Grand Theft Auto “ which is based on the actual theft auto itself. Even though stealing cars isn’t violence, it’s a crime, in this game it forces to actually use violence to manage to steal it. The character would have to kill or brutally beat the driver of the car just to manage to steal it. It’s not only one game but a whole series, which is like eight games total that are continuous. They all involve the opposite of a human being expected behavior law requirements. Researcher Josh Zerhof says that these games would be corruption, killing, dugs, drive-by’s, sexuality, raping, a game but it’s actually demonstrated in real life by demented people.

Violence & Sexuality

Ultra violent games involve what a teenager isn’t supposed to know until he is mature enough which is SEXUALITY itself. There’s three recognized games that involve sexuality and they are The Sims, Grand Theft Aut...

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...d be done and that is, that these games should only be sold to adult and mature teens not kids, because their minds are fresh and innocent and these bad ideas may stick around in their heads for a while. and later in life would make them worse than what they look. As said before it’s not a games fault because remember there’s gangs, cartels, mafias and the most troubled MONEY. Whit out money there’s nothing no crimes no nothing but peace, but the whole world knows that making money is good and think that it wont stop violence from occurring.

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