The Effects of the French Revolution

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One of the biggest revolts throughout history is the French Revolution because of the changes it costed, and it was powerful enough to change the political status of the time. It began from 1789 due to many major causes that included economic and political crisis and lasted till 1794. When French people rose against king Louis XV and his wife, Marie Antoinette, they ultimately ended up killing both of them and throwing France into chaos. Since France had suffered financially, most people faced starvation and economic difficulties. Also, absolutism was one of the biggest factors of the French Revolution because Louis’s regime did not support the ideology of equality and individuals did not have all the freedom that they ought to have had. The French revolution was one of the major changes in history, and especially in France because French people wanted to have a democratic system instead of an absolutist government; the 3rd estate revolted against Louis XVI due to the major inequality in lifestyles between the aristocrats and royals, and the peasants.
Louis XVI, named Louis Auguste de France and titled Du de Berry was born on 23 August, 1754 in Versailles, France. He was Roman Catholic, the son of Louis XV. When Louis XV died, , he made Louis XVI heir to the throne in 1765. He was married to Marie Antoinette, daughter of Marie Theresa, who was the empress of Austria, an arrangement made by the mother of Marie and the grandfather of Louis XVI. The purpose behind this marriage was for the uniting of their countries after years of being enemies. Even though their marriage was not arranged by themselves, and they did not have any thing in common, they formed an attachment to one another as time went on. Gilroy states that the peop...

... middle of paper ... the foundation of the French revolution.
The French revolution occurred through numerous causes that included financial problems. France was in budgetary emergency because of its participation in the American revolution and some of the actions of both the king and the queen. I suppose the revolution was legitimized to acquire rights in parliament to the third estate. Louis XVI tried to help them, and decreased the taxation on them, but the selfishness of the nobility did not allow that. Both the king and the queen helped the poor people of France during the hardship time. I think it is not true by any means to see Marie as the reason of all the bad situations of France because these were all the assumption of French people who disliked her due to her alternate nationality. She was an incredible queen since she brought many glories to France and its citizens.
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