The Effects of the Cuba Missile Crisis

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The Effects of the Cuba Missile Crisis

During the Cuba missile crisis near every newspaper and radio station would talk about how the end of the world on the brink of destruction. Because of this many people around this time lived in fear and felt the world was going to end. The effects of the Cuba missile crisis didn’t just affect the two nations its effects also had major effects on the people of these nations, the world, and the countries themselves. These effects only truly made the world change when it was too late. The effects that the Cuba missile crisis left on the people of these nations consisted of fear, panic, and enough paranoia to scary the entire world. It also affected the world as other counties would do anything possible to have their persona desire relies and make possible. Another effect that was left on the countries that took part of the crisis was the way one county would treat another one. These topics aren’t just the only one to be brought up as there are many different cause and effect that are from the Cuba missile crisis but these are just the main ones focus on.

The people of these countries would be the first to become effected by the first days or steps of war and such. The people who would be the first ones affected by the crisis and this was due to the fact of what was to come as the threat of nuclear war was coming and the brink of the end of the world would scary anyone. These descriptions that Alice L. George were not only scary but also nightmarish as Alice goes on to speak about how it was in this time by opening up her book with these dark images. Alice opening her book Awaiting Armageddon by saying “By the 1960s, most Americans had a vision of nuclear war: towering mushroom clouds, sud...

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