The Effects of Violence in Schools

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I chose school violence because I know many people who have been affected by it, and the topic is something of interest to me. Almost every school will claim that it is a school that will provide a safe environment for all children, but there are stories almost every day where a student commits suicide or another student just “lost it.” He opens fire in a school building at anyone in his path. Most of these students have been a victim of violence in schools in some way or another. Schools should be a place where students (and teachers) feel safe. They shouldn’t fear for their safety. Sadly, this usually is not the case. Students come to school with the fear of being teased, bullied, and physically or mentally abused. As teachers or future teachers, we need to educate ourselves on how to keep students safe in and out of school.
Most students, parents, and educators don’t think violence will happen or is happening at their school, but violence is happening in almost every school. School violence doesn’t look at socioeconomic status, or race, or anything. School Violence is an equal opportunity afflicter. Violence not only poses a threat to individual students, but it also “disrupts the learning process and has a negative effect on students, the school itself, and the broader community” (CDC 2013). One of the most frightening things, as an educator and even as fellow peers, is watching the violence take place. Most acts of violence occur out of an educator’s presence, so that can sometimes makes addressing school violence difficult. Although school violence is an equal opportunity afflicter, statistics have proven that children of low socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to engage in violence or have violence committed against ...

... middle of paper ... and progressing as it is now, it is likely here to stay. If anything, technology will get better and more advanced, and it may even open up more opportunity for cyber bullying and school violence. School violence is increasing throughout the nation, and educators need to be educated on how and when to deal with bullies and the victims. Teachers need to watch out for any warning signs or anything out of the norm, and be able to prevent bullying before it happens- if it’s possible. Schools should be a place that any and every student feels safe and comfortable. Teachers can be proactive by incorporating anti-bullying into their daily lessons and routines. School violence is a real issue, and it seems to be prevalent in our schools today more than ever, and with precautions and preventative actions maybe we as educators can help put a stop to school violence!
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