The Effects of Video Games on Children

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The Effects of Video Games on Children Technology today has progressed rapidly from generation to generation. Children and young adults are both into video games and the latest gadgets out there. Video games have been available to customers for the last 30 years. They are a unique way to entertain individuals because they encourage players to become a part of the game's script. Victor Strasburger an author of “Children, Adolescents, and the media” stated “The rising popularity of video games has instigated a debate among parents, re searchers, video game producers, and policymakers concerning potential harmful effects of video games on children.” Currently, in The Bahamas you can normally see laptops and gaming consoles at home, community centers and in schools. Video games are enjoyable and effective inspiration for children. These are natural teachers for them. Children find video games very appealing by means of virtue of their cooperative nature, they’re actively involved with them, and it provides rewards for their skilled play. These facts make it possible that video games could have large effects on the child. Moreover children can learn spatial and visual attention skills from video games. Nowadays video games require players to pay persistent attention to the game, rather than in actively viewing a movie. Game designers have made the games today so realistic that players lose themselves in the game for hours. Can this be a good thing for kids in The Bahamas? Focusing on youth, what effects are these games having on their development and progress into adults? Video games have both positive and negative impacts on adolescent. Video games can leave positive effects on children and can promote high level thinking. However vid... ... middle of paper ... ...mes may have. Likewise, video games store should refuse to sell violent video game with over 18 rating to juveniles. Playing a violent game for hours every day could increase aggressive behaviors, and can be a negative obsession for children. Nonetheless, various video games can be beneficial to kids. Some games improve visual attention skills and critical thinking for adolescent that will be an advantage for them in the future. Guardians should show curiosity in the video games their children play and watch them from beginning to end. Also, persons must talk about the strengths and weaknesses that various characters display in the game. Doing this will help them transfer their understanding of those characteristics to the real world. And most importantly parents must discuss violence in the media and the differences between games and the real world to their child.
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