The Effects of Teaching on Actions of a Believer

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The Effects of Teaching on Actions of a Believer Some Christians believe all human life is sacred and that abortion is murder and should never be allowed. They believe all embryos have the right to live and that only God can end life. Believing these teachings will influence the actions of that person in many different ways. A pregnant Christian woman will believe abortion is wrong and have the baby whatever the circumstances, except if her own life is at risk If the mother does not want to keep the child she may have the baby adopted. Adoption is not as bad as abortion because the child will live on and the mother is not going against the word of God. Some mothers may keep the child whatever the situation, even though it may involve poverty. Even is she has to care for a disabled child she will still keep the child and love it. The mother may even keep the child if it involves social rejection, for example, if she is not married or has been raped, even though her family may reject her. For example, two Catholic sisters in South Africa were raped by their father. This was a disgrace to the family and they were rejected but they did not have an abortion because they believe it is wrong. The teachings of Christianity will not only influence the actions of the mother but also the father. If the man's wife/girlfriend wants an abortion the man can encourage her to keep the child and persuade her that it is the right thing to do. An extreme action of the father may be to take the mother to court. An example of this is when a man took his girlfriend to court because she wanted an abortion and he wanted to keep the child and raise it himself. However, the father lost his case. A Christian may decide to join a pro-life organisation. For example, SPUC - the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child. They try to encourage people that abortion is wrong and to defend those with no
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