The Effects of Social Networking Sites’ Popularity

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Undoubtedly, the popularity of social media has changed the way people communicate with others around the world. Social media is the general term of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Before people have social media in their daily life, they could not imagine that someday the world was going to become smaller and larger at the same time: due to the extension of the field of vision, the distance between people are getting closer. Generally, social networking sites have significant impacts not only on the personal aspect, but also on the society. These impacts and effects that social media brings are reflected in the way people communicate, learn, and do business. To begin with, social networking sites set up a whole new world to shift the way people communicate with each other. The world that social networking sites build gives everyone an equal opportunity to share ideas, opinions, and feelings; also, it encourages people to take part in other’s sharing. For example, people are free to express their opinions and share them with their friends and peers on Twitter. In addition, social media makes the world smaller since it facilitates people to get in touch with others across long distance and different culture much more easily. Nowadays, Facebook allows people to keep in touch more regularly and intimately than ever before since it is beyond the borders of time and space; it creates an opportunity to experience different cultures as well. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, after I post my life in the U.S. on any social networking site, my parents and friends in China can know my current status and interact with me. Furthermore, I can consort acquaintances on sites from different countr... ... middle of paper ... ...n be more creative and efficient than conventional advertising. To illustrate, Häagen-Dazs launched its new promotion through its Facebook page and offered a free ice cream coupon to anyone who “like” the page. Additionally, benefiting by the forwarding and sharing function, brands may increase their exposure through social networking site marketing. Consequently, man can not deny that social networking sites gain an enormous success since they create and meet the needs of modern people and society. Owing to the invention of social media, it accelerates people’s paces to catch up with trends, boosts them to express their ideas and feelings with various possibilities, and enhances the interaction between business and consumers. Moreover, It is also expected that, as the development of technology, social media will bring more surprise to all of humanity in the future.
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