The Effects of Sexual Harassment

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Bribing has come so far over the years. In the present day life of the public, bullying or discrimination of a sexual nature is very common among the world. Sexual Harassment is any unwanted sexual advances or verbal or physical conduct that creates a hostile environment. Sexual harassment affects a person or society by getting involved in a person’s mindsets, future generations and relationships.
A victim of sexual harassment can be affected in their way of thinking dramatically. There are many individual affects to the mind such as, anxiety, frustration, sleeplessness, headaches, feelings of being less powerful or becoming less confident, isolation, suicidal thoughts, and depression (Sexual Harassment Support Website). Many of the victims of sexual harassment can continue to have flashbacks or see something that reminds them of the tragic incident. The victims can be scared of people walking down the street, or may not be able to watch certain television programs. It might take more than just counseling to someone get completely over the event. And even then, a victim will never completely let go of what happened. Depression involves self-doubt, or self-blame, which causes a negative effect on mental health, including promoting feelings of depression (Livescience). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is also linked with sexual harassment because the victim re-experiences trauma, and avoids people or things that may remind the victim of the event (Livescience). Of the women who had experienced a lot of sexual touching, fifteen percent had said they tried to kill themselves or have had suicidal thoughts (Livescience). Some people’s self-confidence can be taken away and thoughts of low or no self-worth can be brought on, making them wa...

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