The Effects of Media on Women's Self Esteem

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In 2001, actress Kate Winslet caused controversy over a statement she made about her weight. She told Britian’s Radio Times that she needed to lose weight “or I won’t work.” She was referring to the nearly fifty pounds she gained during her pregnancy, but fans were still upset over the famously curvy actress’s confession. Then, in 2003, Winslet shocked fans and critics alike when she expressed her distaste for GQ Magazine’s digitally slimmed pictures of her (Tauber, 2001). The most recent criticism of Winslet was in 2008. She appeared in Vanity Fair Magazine looking slightly thinner than normal, and many people were judging Winslet for being hypocritical. Winslet’s rep said that she was not airbrushed to look thinner, that that is how she looks, and that she would not have agreed to take the pictures if it were not under her conditions (Norman, 2008). Why was there such a controversy over pictures of Kate Winslet? Television, movies, magazines, and advertisements are all plastered with smiling faces and practically unattainable beauty. This sends a message to young girls that they need to look perfect in order to be happy in life. By allowing media to send the message to young girls that they need to look perfect, serious problems occur with their bodies and their minds. Discussing examples of media portraying unattainable beauty, the effects it can have on young girls, and ways to prevent the awful effects is necessary to understand this phenomenon. Most girls have played with a Barbie doll while growing up. But Barbie dolls are another example of the unattainable beauty image that is being forced on young girls. If Barbie were a real woman, her head would be the same circumference as her waist, so she would only ... ... middle of paper ... ...y aren't,” (Monroe, 2011). Perhaps she was on to something genius. Works Cited Campaign for real beauty mission. (2008, March 14). Retrieved from[cp-documentid=7049726] Mayo clinic. (2011). Eating disorders. Retrieved from Monroe, M. (2011). Marilyn monroe quotes. Retrieved from Norman, P. (2008, November 4). Kate winslet 'furious' over body airbrush claims. People, Retrieved from,,20237699,00.html Page, S. (n.d.). What if Barbie were a real woman?. Retrieved from Tauber, M. (2001, April 2). Learning curves. People, Retrieved from,,20134022,00.html
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