The Effects of Media on Society

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The Effects of Media on Society

When it comes to advertisement, and the media a question that comes to mind is: who are we? Are we who the media wants us to be? Many instances people in today’s society rely on the media to tell them how to dress, how to look cool. Yet if we examine the past few years, we see that styles that have boomed so quickly and faded just as fast. Why do these designers change or even worse die out? It’s all about fads. The advertisers do an excellent job of setting these goals in persuading us to purchase their product and because of it, they are constantly coming out with new styles and types of clothing that they want to make popular. We as the consumers are helping these companies to achieve these goals. What we as Americans don’t realize is that these companies and advertisements are ruining us as people. A problem is that we are being who these companies want us to be, or want us to look. We are changing our looks and appearance because of billboards or commercials we see constantly. Also with the current economic struggles, what kind of shoppers are we turning into? We are buying some of the most expensive clothes because it’s what is hot and what is “hip”. Finally now that we realize all this mess of advertising in our society it makes us ask another question, do we now change the way we buy clothing or the way we watch out appearance. Our society as fallen back on the fact that we will do whatever it takes to be accepted based on the media’s opinion.

While going to the mall we pass hundreds of advertisements whether it is driving there and while in the mall. When a shopper sees an attractive person or a picture that catches their eye they look into the ad even more and see what company or b...

... middle of paper ... persuade us to buy their product just because some smoking hot model is being shown to us wearing their clothing. The media has its moments and it has times where they try to suck you into their storm of ads and sales that you feel almost obligated to but their product. As a society we all have to realize what is going on around us and with hold our money from it. The fashion that we are witnessing will be here today and gone tomorrow. Shoppers will have to be very conscious in spending and be strong enough not to be persuaded to the point that they will be drooling over a pair of jeans that they saw on a million commercials and hundreds of ads. Media is a monster that at first seems like a cute little dog, when you start to become fond of the dog and then it bites you, at first you get over the bite and keep playing with the puppy because you can’t resist it.
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