The Effects of Marijuana

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People might think smoking marijuana is cool. They might try it without knowing what it is or what affects is has on you. Once someone smokes it for the first time, they might keep doing it again and again and they could get hooked on it for life. People who use marijuana usually never use any other type of illegal drugs, but more than seven thousand five hundred people get arrested for using marijuana every year,(“10 Facts About Marijuana”1). There is a wide variety of marijuana, but they are all based off of two marijuana plants, Indica and Sativa. Marijuana is very popular in America, and all over the world. Marijuana affects the body, it can be used as medicine, and marijuana can be addictive.
Marijuana can simply increase the user’s happiness, but it can also mess with the brain in some ways. Marijuana is a hullicinogen which is a substance that deceives how the mind perceives the world. There are different types of marijuana. It also comes in various shapes and sizes. Marijuana is part of an Indian hemp plant, which contains the dried remains of the plant which include the flowers, stems, and the leaf parts of the plant. One might try it without even knowing what it is or how it can affect the body. Marijuana is a drug that is used to get a “high” sensation. Marijuana’s chemicals override the endocannabinoid system, creating the “high” feeling. The endocannabinoid system contains brain receptors that control the body’s senses. It also can increase the user’s mood. It could lead to impaired coordination during the “high” and memory loss after the “high” is over. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical for marijuana’s affects. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC, is very similar to the chemical in the brain called anandamide. ...

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...nd it spread to various places throughout the world. Marijuana can be very dangerous, and can cause various sicknesses and diseases. Some people believe marijuana can cause cancer, but there is no proof that it really does. It is a strong irritant to the lungs and some people believe it causes cancer, even though there is no real proof that is does. It can cause sicknesses such as pneumonia and it may cause mental problems. People can get addicted to it just like people can get addicted to other harmful drugs and food. It is a gateway drug, which can lead to other harmful and even more dangerous drugs. Being an addict is not a healthy lifestyle, especially if one is addicted to marijuana. People like to blame their actions on being high on marijuana, yet studies show that there is no proof that it can or will cause them to have negative actions while they are high.
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