The Effects of Marijuana

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Marijuana affects the whole body and one of the parts of the body that is affected by marijuana greatly is the human brain. Marijuana contains a lot of chemicals which contribute and are the cause of why it affects the body. We have now learned more information of how marijuana can affect the human brain if taking in huge amounts. Researchers have been finding more evidence to show how when consuming marijuana it causes long and short term affects.
Marijuana contains a chemical called THC which affects the brains memory and causes hippocampus lesion. When THC, a primary ingredient is marijuana, is connected to the hippocampus it makes it more difficult for the hippocampus to store memory or be able to learn. When the consumer starts using marijuana at an early age the more memory problem they would have. As well as affecting the storage of memory THC affects short-term memory so when someone consumes marijuana the user will only be able to remember big pictures.THC slows down the process of your brain to remember because it closes out neuroprocesses which makes your memory miss out...

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