The Effects of Jim Crow in the South

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In the 1960’s there were over 18 million African Americans that resided in the south (African Americans), 90 percent of them were victims of slavery or segregation. Ever since coming to America, African Americans have been victims of hate from the white Americans. The blacks were enslaved soon after coming to America, and once slavery ended the harsh treatment continued. All throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s blacks were segregated and treated like diseased animals. In the 1960’s the Civil Rights Movement came into full swing and they started the beginning of the end of all Jim Crow laws and segregation. The treatment of African Americans in the south has changed over the years. They went from slaves, to separate but equal, to segregated, to free. To begin with, ever since America was colonized there were slaves. Most were brought over by European ships coming to America through the Atlantic slave trade (African Americans). Once coming to America the African Americans were auctioned off in auctions, and sent to large plantations where they picked cotton, cleaned their owner’s house, made clothing, and did other chores. Inside the plantations the slaves were treated horribly. Women in the household were subject to sexual abuse from owners and foremen of the plantation and often bore white children (African Americans). Men were subject to whippings, being chained to posts; beat by owners, and separation from their families (African Americans). Although there was cruel treatment, freedom was around the corner for the African Americans. On April 12th, 1861 the Civil War began and America was divided. The North was commanded by Abraham Lincoln, and aimed to abolish slavery; the South was led by Jefferson Davis and backed the idea of sla... ... middle of paper ... it be the Civil War, lives on the slave trade, or just victims of hate crimes. These lives will always be remembered and the Nation will learn about them for years on. Even the bitter South came to accept that segregation would not last long once the government had become involved in the equality for African Americans. Throughout the history of the United States, African Americans had been victims of slavery, discrimination and unfair treatment, with the help of numerous selfless people that had changed. Works Cited African Americans in Slavery. 8 Febuary 2001. 21 April 2014 . Rise and Fall of Jim Crow. 2002. 13 May 2014 . The Civil War . 2002. Monday May 2014 . The Emancipation Proclimation. 2008. 8 May 2014 .

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